styling to sell

Trio make the process of selling your home extremely easy, and incredibly rewarding. 
As a boutique styling company, we personally look after each project, working directly with our agents and clients to achieve the absolute best possible marketing campaign to gain you an exceptional return on investment.
We don’t simply stage homes for sale… we create and sell a lifestyle that people fall in love with. 

We offer both full and partial styling packages that deliver exceptional quality design and solve the trickiest of interior problems in just a matter of days. 
Styling with trio is an investment. It’s our job to make you money by fetching a much higher sale price plus quicker time on the market. 
When you use trio as your secret weapon in selling, expect to see up to $5,000 to $10,000 per $1,000 invested in the styling process. So for a $5,000 spend on styling, that's an extra $25,000 to $50,000 on the sale price in your pocket! 
Our process for styling to sell is simple, uncomplicated and relaxed. This mirrors our design ethos and the lifestyle we create for our clients and potential buyers. We find beauty in simplicity. 

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